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Onity is a leading global provider of real solutions and reliable support to a wide variety of markets throughout the world which includes hotel and resort properties, college and university campuses, military fleets and bases, government and corporate office buildings, healthcare facilities and cruise ships.

We continue our dedication worldwide by responding to the various markets' increasing demand for multiple solutions from a single source with worldwide service and support. For over 20 years, we have grown from an electronic lock company to a worldwide provider of control systems and services. At Onity, we are committed to building lasting client relationships and providing the solutions they need anywhere in the world.



Learn more about the ILS lock that supports our commercial customers.


Multiple solutions for multiple Industries such as healthcare, office, recreation, public, private, and transportation


Find out why more colleges and universities have chosen Onity than any other solutions provider in the world.

Hotel & Resort

Discover why Onity is the leading provider of certified electronic locking solutions for the hotel, resort and vacation industries.


Explore the many Onity solutions and services designed specifically for cruise ship and marine environments.

Military / Government

Onity supports our military and government facilities by providing products and solutions from a single source.