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Our History


Company is founded

Talleres de Escoriaza was founded in 1941 specialized in mechanical locking systems and other door hardware.


First generation HT10 introduced

In 1986, the first generation of electronic locking systems was introduced based on mag-stripe technology: the HT10.


Internationalization and HT24w launch

During the 90's electronic locking systems were developed and Internationalized and the next generation of electronic locks, the HT24w were introduced.


Electronic division created

Recognizing the growing importance and needs of the electronic locks market, an electronic division was created which specialized in electronic locks, including those for the hospitality industry.


TESA Entry Systems (TESA ESI)

TESA Entry Systems specialized in electronic products and solutions


Acquired by Williams Plc.

In 1997, the company was acquired by the British group Williams Plc. and the international distribution network started expanding.


1,000,000 e-Locks

In 1998, the TESA Entry Systems' group celebrates is first million electronic locks installed for the hospitality industry.


HT28 Smart Dual System Launch

In 1999, TESA Entry Systems introduced the new generation of dual Smart/mag-stripe card locking system, HT28 Smart.


Talleres de Escoriaza sold TESA ESI retained

Talleres de Escoriaza was sold to the Assa Abloy group, whilst TESA Entry Systems, the entity specialized in electronic solutions, was retained allowing focus better on our customers' needs.
The company started expanding the product range offering electronic in-room safes.


Senercomm acquisition

In January 2002, the company announced the acquisition of Senercomm®. Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Senercomm has been supplying the hopitality industry with guestroom energy management technology since its founding in 1989.

October 1, 2002

Rebranding TESA ESI to Onity

As a result of this continuous expansion of services and integrated electronic solutions for the hospitality industry, the company began a re-branding strategy to fit the new repositioning as a global provider of electronic solutions and services. Lando was to assist TESA Entry Systems with this endeavor.


New OS Safe Launch

In 2003, the company re-designs the safes product range. A new important milestone was also reached: 2,500,000 locks installed worldwide.


ADVANCE Locking Solution Launch

In 2006, the ADVANCE lock is launched featuring a unique two-piece design that minimizes hardware on the guestroom door.


Introducing RFID Technology

In 2009, Onity introduced the ADVANCE RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) locking system. This new locking solution utilizes MiFare® Classic technology, which has become a standard worldwide.


One-Stop-Shop global provider of electronic solutions

Today, the firm is recognized worldwide for its powerful combination of innovative thinking, intelligent systems, and great service.
Today the company is the leading provider of a host of hotel facility management systems: elocks and Smart Card Systems, In-room Safes, and Energy Management.