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Now you have the key to more efficient property management.

CodePro is a revolutionary new PIN code-based electronic locking system that allows managers and/or owners to instantly and remotely provide access to specific properties for specific periods of time, without the need for a key or keycard.
Onity has designed the CodePro lock and wall reader to surpass industry standards for electrostatic discharge (ESD), ensuring guest/user satisfaction. You can be confident in the security and durability of CodePro, which has the following certifications:
  1. UL10c Fire Certification
  2. CE Certification
And meets the following standards:
  1. Hurricane Standard - ANSI 250.13
  2. Ontario Fire Code Compliance
  3. European Fire Code (EN1634-1)
The CodePro system, backed by more than 10 years experience by Onity, gives property and facility management operations full control over property access. Owners / managers and their guests / users will experience increased convenience, security, accessibility and privacy with CodePro.


CodePro - Secure and Manageable Solution

The major function of the CodePro Software is to provide an easy to use, secure and manageable solution to the end-user. The system software is designed to allow an interface with Property Management Systems / Access Control Systems for PIN generation and retrieval.
  • Software Options
  • Visitor management
  • Both time-based AND fixed based codes
  • Calendar Settings
  • User management
  • Reports generation
  • Door management
  • Open system interface
  • PIN generation and handling
  • Portable programmer management


Revolutionary New PIN Code-Based Electronic Locking System

CodePro combines Onity's proven, reliable electronic locking technology with a unique two-piece modular design and an ADA-compliant keypad to grant access to designated users.

Guest Door Lock

  • Modular 2 piece design
  • 6 unique guest users
  • 1000 staff users
  • 1000 audit events
  • Robust all weather design
  • Mechanical key override
  • 3x AA batteries (last 2-3 years)
  • Hurricane standard certification (pending)

Common Door Wall Unit

  • Used for aluminum stile doors, parking gates, non-traditional doors
  • 4000 users
  • Capable of handling multiple sites
  • 5000 audit events
  • Robust all weather design
  • Visual & Audible feedback
  • Dry contact control of electric strike, magnetic lock or parking gate


Markets Served