​Perfect for Small to Medium Sized Properties

Perfect for small to medium sized properties, this solution includes a direct PMS interface without requiring a PC.


Fully Featured Stand-alone System

The Onity HT22 system gives you total control of your property in a PC-free and PMS compatible solution. The compact design requires little front desk space.
  • Fully featured stand-alone system, no PC required
  • Specially designed for properties with up to 500 rooms
  • Insertion or Motorized Encoding Technology
  • Direct interface with any PMS system
  • Easy-to-read wide screen display with user-friendly menu
  • Up to 8 check-in stations can be linked in a multi-front-desk configuration with up to 100 operators
  • Internal modem: Remote update of the software or the locking plan and remote reporting capabilities
  • Exclusive OmniMaster Masterkeying System: Up to 100 different types of master cards assigned to 250 individual users
  • Provides staff shift timetables
  • Works with a wide variety of Onity stand-alone locks
  • Able to control full range of off-line and on-line Onity options
  • Upgradeable to more complex Onity systems
  • Worry-Free Guarantee Worldwide