Integra System Options

Remotely manage and control access from any user PC− at any time!

Onity presents special options to enhance your Integra 5 Electronic Locking System.

Onity's Integra 5 Customizable Kiosk**

Eliminate long lines and hours at the Housing or One Card. First in the Education industry for off-line locks, designed for self-service by students and staff.


  • Flexible ISO track data management
  • PIN change at kiosk
  • Recharging station for Security PLUS user cards
  • Key/ID card update at kiosk
  • Customizable for your campus
  • Kiosk may be controlled by keyboard, mouse or touchscreen


**Integra3 v4.1 and v3 uses Integra3 Kiosk. Integra 5 uses Integra 5 Kiosk.








Online Access / Etherbox*

With the Onity online access system, you can remotely manage and control your online devices from any user PC. The Onity Etherbox is an intelligent communication device that allows Integra on-line units to communicate with the Integra system software via your campus Ethernet network.


  • Online devices can be controlled from any client PC
  • Connects to Ethernet
  • Provides communications for a single Control Unit
  • Low network overhead

AFC Mortise Lock & Latch Monitoring*


A CT 30 Integra mortise lock in which the trim will unlock on every exit, and not relock unless acted upon via the card or the deadbolt/privacy. Allows for multiple occupancy.


  • Meets Ontario, Canada Building Code
  • Meets/exceeds life safety standards
  • Audit record indicates operation and when door is securely latched after use


*version 4.1 Integra3 or Integra 5 software required