Integra 5

Security Is In the Cards

The Onity electronic locking system, called INTEGRA 5, manages up to 65,000 doors, 65,000 active card holders, and an unlimited number of buildings without costly wiring. How? Information about who can go where and when is stored in the lock. Therefore, you can manage the entire flow of people from one computer or on a network.

Onity leads the industry with a number of larger campus installations of 5,000 electronic locks or more. Onity solutions are currently used campus-wide−at residence halls, classrooms, ID offices, labs and recreational facilities−at over 300 colleges and universities worldwide.

Your Electronic Locking Solution

This comprehensive lock management system offers the advantage of combining off-line (stand alone) and on-line devices, which results in a single integrated system.
  • Client-server architecture
  • Multiple RDBMS support (Microsoft® SQL or Firebird)
  • Flexible Kiosk ISO track data management
  • Online devices may be controlled remotely from any user PC
  • Future upgrades automated. Site upgrades server, & server upgrades clients during login
  • Designed for any facility size
  • Can incorporate campus ID cards
  • PC based; Windows® 2000, 2003 and XP compatible
  • Off-line and on-line locks fully integrated within one system
  • Manages up to 65,000 users and 65,000 doors
  • Capacity of up to 3,000 users per stand-alone lock
  • Allows for individually customized access privileges
  • Lock audit trail of up to the last 1,184 events
  • Provides entry activity reports by date, time and user
  • Ethernet, modem and RS485 connections to on-line devices
  • Locking plan matrix for a complete visual representation
  • Automatic expiration of resident cards in individual doors (personalized plan)
  • Supports mag-stripe technology

The Integra 5 flexible system can work with other types of systems, such as one card systems, time and attendance systems, proximity systems, CCTV systems, smart-card and mag-card systems, and alarm systems.

The user friendly, easy-to-learn−easy-to-use Windows® based software can be custom configured to meet specific needs.

The Integra 5 Features Off-line Installation

The Onity electronic locking system, called INTEGRA, manages up to 65,000 doors, 65,000 active card holders, and an unlimited number of buildings without costly wiring.
  • Off-line installation; no wires required
  • Fits most types of doors, new construction and retrofit
  • Up to 3,000 users per door
  • Printable audit trail of the last 1,184 lock events recorded in a non-volatile memory
  • Programmable for length of time door remains open and automatic re-locking
  • Internal real time clock allows you to decide when a user will have access; 32 five (5)-window timetables to choose from for each lock
  • Deadbolt can be projected from inside or outside the door
  • Re-key a door in seconds to prevent access with a lost, stolen, or no-longer-authorized card; New keycard automatically cancels old keycard
  • LED light indication to show lock status and low batteries
  • 20 automatic changes per day
  • Suitable for outdoors and extreme weather conditions
  • UL and ULC approved