​​​​​​​​​​SensorStat System

SensorStat® Energy Management System

Onity's SensorStat Energy Management System merges digital temperature control with PIR occupancy sensing, and HVAC setback strategies to create an intelligent energy management technology that can help you reduce heating and cooling costs, increase guest comfort, and extend facility life.​

​​The SensorStat system serves a complete range of property sizes and provides a fully networked solution integrated with your overall building management system, or can be deployed as  a standalone system with occupancy-sensing thermostats.
The SensorStat system is based on several hardware components to provide in-room energy efficiency specifically in spaces with unpredictable occupancy patterns. The SensorStat system uses a gateway server as a communication device to establish networking over standard TCP/IP, with network coordinators and ZigBee® protocol configured thermostats, occupancy and door contact sensors, and other compatible wired and wireless devices.
SensorStat control software offers a wealth of convenient features, including granular device control, cloud-based data backup, and the ability to process raw data into actionable reports.