Operations Management

This advanced information system delivers innovative features designed specifically to reduce operations expenses, improve services, and closely monitor rooms. It expands into an interactive, on-line communication network directly linking other electronic devices and HVAC systems with individual departments via existing cable TV wiring. innPULSE works in conjunction with the SensorStat DDC.


System Features

  • Microsoft Windows® Compatible
  • Room Environment Monitoring
  • Property Management System
  • HVAC Trouble Detection
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Real-Time Management Reports
  • Control HVAC Setback Automatically
  • Patented "5 Star" Humidity & Condensation Control
  • Engineering Default Alarms
  • Security Monitoring
  • Reduce Labor
  • Privacy Please! avoids unwanted disturbances
  • Additional Productivity Savings


Not all Onity products are available in every region around the world. Please consult your Onity sales representative for more information.