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Information for Onity HT and ADVANCE Customers

Onity places the highest priority on the safety and security provided by its products. We will continue to support and augment our customers’ security strategies.  

Immediately following a hacker’s public presentation of illegal methods of breaking into hotel rooms, Onity engineers developed both mechanical and technical solutions, which have been tested and validated by two independent security firms. These solutions began shipping to customers worldwide in August 2012.  

As of February 2013, Onity has shipped over four million solutions for locks to hotel properties.

We continue to work to ensure all hotel properties in our database receive the mechanical solution.  These mechanical caps and security screws block physical access to the lock ports that hackers use to illegally break into hotel rooms.  The mechanical solution remains free of charge to customers.                                                                                                 

Technical solutions vary depending on the age, model and deployment of locks at properties. Customers can call Onity’s dedicated customer assistance line at 1-800-924-1442. Our specialists are available to help answer questions related to the mechanical and technical solutions.


International Contact Numbers:

​ASPAC (Asia Pacific)
Australia ​+612 9316 0903
​China +852 2728 0828​
​India +91 99201 22002​
​Indonesia ​+62 021 5200 995
​Thailand ​+66 2 374 6707
​Other Asia Pacific Countries +886 963 0936 42​
​EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
​United Kingdom +44 151 632 8000
​France ​+33 621 633 182
​Spain ​+34 943 448 318
​Other Europe, Middle East and Africa Countries +34 943 448 320​
​North America +1 800 924 1442​
​Mexico ​+1 800 5822 6648
​Centro and South America ​+52 99 88 92 7139