DirectKey Mobile Access

100 Million. That’s how many times DirectKey has unlocked doors in the past 5 years alone, across 2000 cities globally. Every one of those doors unlocked is a cause for confidence for taking your property into the contactless era.

DirectKey allows guests to use Bluetooth® to unlock the door while approaching it, without touching a phone to the reader—providing secure and smooth entry into spaces across the property from the parking garage, to elevators, to guest rooms and beyond. 

A Direct Way to "Go Contactless" *
Onity offers multiple ways to seamlessly deploy mobile access at your propertywhether you want to use our DirectKey app, integrate DirectKey into your brand’s loyalty app or integrate DirectKey with a third-party app. Hotels also can reduce deployment costs and time while preserving their hardware investment, as DirectKey can retrofit to existing locks. And for new projects, Onity Trillium® and Serene™ locks are DirectKey-ready right out of the box. Easily incorporate the DirectKey system with existing property management systems (PMS) and Onity’s OnPortal™ locking and access control solution.

A Direct Way to Keep Properties and Guests Secure
DirectKey technology protects mobile key credentials using 128-bit AES encryption which provides an additional layer of security on top of features already built into your locking system, such as user access permissions and audit trails.

A Proven Solution Across Industries
The mobile credentialing platform powering DirectKey has been deployed across an installed base of more than 4 million Bluetooth locking devices in multiple industries including hospitality, real estate, energy, and financial.*


*Contactless unlocking with mobile access. Bluetooth locking devices and mobile key credentialing solution deployed with Carrier technology. DirectKey, Trillium, and Serene are trademarks of Onity Inc. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG.