Electronic In-Room Safes

​​​​​​​​In a time when expectations of a more secure environment are increasing, items that used to be considered special amenities are now expected by hotel guests and property occupants.
Onity electronic in-room safes are designed for hotel, business and residential applications with comfort, convenience and security in mind. Choose a safe that will easily accommodate a range of items -- from personal effects, to laptop computers to larger items that need to be secured.
OS100 Safe


The OS100 is an economical safe, making it cost-effective for properties to provid​​e this important offering to their guest.


Its user-friendly operation coupled with a high level of reliability and functionality makes it an ideal safe for any application.​ Also available in top-opening design.



The OS500 has many of Onity's most popular safe features in a sleek and modern design, along with mechanical key override.


Using contactless RFID technology, the OS700 safe allows operation to both the guestroom and safe with a simple touch though keycards, wristbands, or key chains making these safes easy to use and functional.