​​​​​​​​​​Trillium lock series

Trillium® Lock Series

From a leading provider of electronic locks for 30 years, the n​​ew Onity Trillium® lock series features a sleek design to complement modern hotel aesthetics. Options include a standard mag stripe lock, RFID locks with MIFARE Plus®​ capability, and locks with DirectKey modu​le on-board.​


Optional DirectKey​ Technology
​​Trillium locks are available with a DirectKey module, enabling a proven mobile key solution. With a hotel provided smartphone app, guests can securely download their assigned key for easy ac​cess to their assigned room and other access-controlled areas.

Easy Upgrade Path
​​Trillium ​locks provide an easy upgrade path where Onity HT and ADVANCE locks currently are installed -- no new door cuts or repainting are required when installing new Trillium locks.

Advanced Credential Security
​​Trillium RFID ​locks include the option to use MIFARE Plus technology, an enhanced credential security for RFID cards.


​Trillium and DirectKey are trademarks of Onity Inc. MIFARE Plus is a registered trademark of NXP B.V.