After-Sale Support

Onity's commitment to after-the-sale support as well as superior manufacturing and quality control standards has helped Onity to become a world leader in electronic solutions. We believe our high standards and deep commitment to customer service are the reason our customers choose us, and we are committed to exceed our own standards year after year.

We provide solutions to each customer's individual needs, including:

  • Spare locks, keycards, replacement parts and other consumables
  • Additional perimeter and guestroom add-ons and material
  • Additional front desk add-ons and materials

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Extended Warranty Plans

Are you having to pay for repairs? If you had an Original Warranty or an Extended Services Plan you wouldn't. Download PDF.


​Custom Keycards

As a lock manufacturer, Onity provides very high quality keycards. Our custom keycard program allows you to create keys unique to your property. Download PDF.


Auto Deadbolt Upgrade

Are all of your rooms dead-bolted right now? There's no question with Onity's Auto Deadbolt. Each time your guests close their door, Onity's Auto Deadbolt engages for added security. A closed door is a dead-bolted door! Download PDF.


Component Level Repair Program 

​With so many colleges and universities and other commercial facilities having their own lockshops and in-house locksmiths on site, it made sense to provide a way to allow Onity Commercial customers using the Integra electronic locking system to maintain and repair their locks on site. As a result, Onity developed the Component Level Repair Certification Program.
The component level repair training and certification program is a one-day hands-on training class offered on-site at the client's facility. This course teaches participants about some of the hardware* side of the Integra system. Guided by a qualified Onity lock expert, each participant works with his/her own Integra lock to learn how the mechanics of the Onity Integra lock work, as well as other various processes, some of which include the following:
  • Trouble-shooting problems
  • Disassemble / assemble locks
  • Basic repairs (replace clutch, circuit board, etc)

At the end of the training program, each participant is presented a Certificate from Onity showing that they are certified to conduct basic maintenance and repair of the Onity Integra mortise and cylindrical locks.

*Note: does not include online/hard-wired access or panic devices


For more information on our products or services, please contact us.
By Phone: 1-800-424-1433

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

October 2019: Terms and Conditions of Sale
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Return & Warranty Policy
Return & Warranty Policy

December 2018: Return & Warranty Policy
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Product Advisory
Product Advisory

October 2021: HT22 Front Desk Systems End-of-Sales Product Advisory
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